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Saturday, January 21, 2012

LOIC used to run the largest cyber attack ever

We've just seen the largest cyber attack ever done. As you probably already know Anonymous put down government sites (FBI, Department of Justice) and music industry sites in response to a federal raid on the file sharing service Megaupload. 

I want to focus here about the methodology used to run the attack. 

The attach was run using an application called LOIC ( Low Orbit Ion Cannon) that is specifically designed to launch Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks on websites. Any PC having installed a client of LOIC may be managed from a central user to run a massive attack against a unique target. Basically we could have thousands of users run LOIC generating TCP/UDP/HTTP request towards a website making it unavailable to process anything. 

It is not the same as being part of a botnet since in this case we assume that the PC has been infected with a virus or malware in an undetected way. Equipping a PC with a LOIC client is more typically a aware behavior even if it could happen that some people don't realize what they are really doing.

So, how Anonymous managed to create a huge network of LOIC clients available for its purpose ? Here you can find a video that tell you everything about it