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Friday, January 13, 2012

Android vs IOS security

Veracode published an "infographic" regarding Android VS IoS security that is very nice and full of useful advices. So I also propose it to my readers !

I anticipate you that at the end of the picture it is reported a judgment attributed to Symantec that, right now, the mobile platform is still much more secure than their counterpart PC. 

I generally agree with that but, nevertheless, if you are acting in an Enterprise as CIO or CISO there are so many challenges coming from the deployment of smartphone/tablet into your network you must not let your guard down. 

I've deeply discussed this kind of challenges in previous posts of mine, but I mainly refer to those issues coming from using a personal smartphone/tablet as a work tool. It's something that is becoming the master way for most of the people I know and unfortunately this exposes the corporate network and data to relevant risks. 

So independently from the fact that actually attacks and malwares regarding the mobile devices are not comparable in terms of numbers to the ones regarding the PC world, I can briefly summarize that 

- consumers need to adopts precautions (such as the ones suggested in the infographics down here) to avoid leakage of personal data or payment of unsubscribed premium rate services

- enterprises need to integrate their device & security management framework to guarantee that smartphone/tablet adoption and trends such as BYOD don't impact their security risk profile