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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Internet risk blackout postponed on 9 July 2012

The deadline had been fixed for tomorrow, 8th March 2012, but it has just been postponed for 4 months.

I'm referring to the removal of the temporary servers acting as DNS for those users who got the DNSChanger malware on their PC and did not remove yet. See my previous post on this topic to get all the information about the context "Internet risks blackout on 8 March 2012"

It was a court order (Southern District of New York) issued on 5 March to determine that the ISC "Internet Services Consortium shall continue to operate the replacement DNS server for an additional period of approximately 120 days, measured from March 8th, 2012, and ending on July 9, 2012"

The order also establishes that "before May 22, 2012,  ISC shall submit a report to the Court regarding its operation of the Replacement DNS Servers, which will include an estimate of the number of victims identified from ISC through May 8, 2012". 

It is evident that this check gate has been fixed to understand, around half way from here to 9 July 2012, if a internet blackout risk still really exists, that is, the DNSChanger malware is still broadly installed, and in that case it is probable another shift of the deadline.

In fact the reason for shifting forward is that the number of DNSChanger victims is still high, also inside government and private companies. 

DCWG.ORG provides us this graphic to evaluate the infection

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Internet risks blackout on 8 March 2012


March 8th 2012 many people and businesses may find it impossible to surf the Internet. It would happen for those users whose computers are infected with a trojan called DNSChanger.

The history in brief is as follows. Last November the FBI dismantled command & control (C&C) servers of the botnets to which referred all the computers affected by the DNSChanger malware. To prevent that the infected machines could break down the internet, FBI replaced the malicious C&C servers malicious with other servers able to redirect traffic to the real destinations. On March 8 these temporary servers will be removed from service and the computers still infected would not be able anymore to connect to the internet. It is urgent then to  make sure you do not have the computer infected with this malware and eventually repair (the advice to do this are available on the net, just do a search)

Here is a video telling the story

UPDATE ON FEB 21st 2012

To determine if you are infected, and how you can clean infected machines you can connect to