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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Enteprise Mobility: Application, Platform and Devices

Yesterday I published the results of the Symantec Survey regarding the State of Mobility which addressed: 

- the interest from enterprises to adopt mobile for business applications
- the reasons for enterprises to develop a mobile business plan and the already registered benefits for those who have already started
- the risks coming from the development of a mobile business plan
- average annual cost of mobile incidents
- recommendations to embrace mobility without compromising security

Today I wanted to share another awesome infographic coming from the elaboration of various sources (see below) that is confirming the results from Symantec that we are at the tipping point in the mobility, and also providing interesting information about application, platforms and devices.

Some highlights:

1. In the graphic regarding "smartphone development approach" you can find confirmation of the impact of the IT Consumerization trend. Dependently from the industries we find that the presence of BYOD policy (Bring Your Own Approach) is very significant, ranging from 40% (legal services) to 57% (retail)

2. Iphone is the winner in the ranking for the most preferred smartphone in enterprise in 2011....but what about 2012 ? Surely Android is a tough competitor, even if in my opinion at this moment Iphone is more business-like than Android, first of all because we have too many variety of Androids in the market and any version does allow you to make different things in terms of security and management. 
And what about Blackberry ? Will it be able to maintain his market share ? 

3. Branded applications have increased of 162% in 6 months (March-September 2011)

Enterprise Mobility - Apps, Platforms, Devices Infographic

Symantec survey reveals significant changes in the usage of mobile devices and applications